PT. INDRAPRASTHA TEKNIKA UTAMA was established to provide Electrical supply and Industrial equipment trading and services to our customer.

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AMAXX - Industry Plug & Socket

MENNEKES attaches particular importance to reliability and quality. Therefore, AMAXX® like all our other products undergo our most rigorous and extensive checks. Each unit leaves our factory with a certification and the assurance that for us care comes first. That is something you can rely on


Fibre duct is a system designed to protect and route fiber optical patch cords,cables assembiles from an ODF, network cabinet or other devices. Fibre duct offers an ideal solution for optical raceway requirement and applications with its design, appearance and ease of maintenace


Brady Safety Padlock complies with all OSHA requirements and is a safer alternative to metal locks for lockout applications. The body is nonconductive, while the unique key cylinder prevents electricity from traveling from the shackle to the key, protecting workers when key is inserted. Safety Padlocks also deliver superior corrosion resistance. Thirdparty tests confirm that Brady outperforms the leading competitor when subjected to repeated salt water sprays

OBO Bettermann

OBO Our brand name says it all Things couldn't be shaken until 1952: If an anchor was to be placed, a hole had to be drilled in the right place. No one questioned this. Only an OBO engineer was dissatisfied. So OBO developed a metallic anchor, the special construction of which permitted it to be knocked directly into the wall. From this moment on, the OBO pioneering spirit had a name: OBO ohne Bohren (without drilling). This mounting advantage simplified the work of the tradesmen of the time significantly. More than half a century has passed since then. However, the OBO pioneering spirit has remained: Our engineers continue to work on the development of new products and the improvement of existing products, to make them simpler for the craftsman and thus more effective when mounted. OBO is our trademark. OBO stands for our pledge to keep on questioning current products and developing new ones.

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